Monday, April 12, 2010

BusinessWorld Online: Taiwan, Emirates sent home most OFWs

BusinessWorld Online: Taiwan, Emirates sent home most OFWs: "The latest report by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), as of Sept. 30 last year, showed that about 4,428 OFWs from Taiwan were displaced nearly a year after the United States declared its economy in recession.

There is still no updated government report on the country sources of displaced OFWs.

Eleven months after economists pointed to two successive quarters of negative growth in the US, some 1,357 OFWs in the UAE were reported displaced.

The OFWs from Taiwan came from 93 companies in the electronics, metal workers, and semiconductor industries, the POEA report stated.

The report said this was due to companies filing for bankruptcy and retrenching workers as a result.

Majority of the displaced OFWs from Taiwan (4,251) returned to the Philippines, the POEA reported."

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