Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The success of OFW families - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

The success of OFW families - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos: "ONE OF the signs of the disproportionate social significance of Filipino families with a member working abroad is their presence in the agenda of surveys. For instance, the Bangko Sentral’s quarterly Consumer Expectations Survey asks households how many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) they have, whether they receive remittances, and how they spend the remittances. From its national sample of 5,643 respondents in 2010Q4, 11.1 percent were OFW families."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maridel Sagum, living in Paris, hasn’t seen her children for 12 years.

"Across the world, millions of mothers have made this sacrifice for their children — forgoing a life with them in hope of ensuring a better life for them. These women venture far, often into the uncertain world of undocumented domestic work that in effect keeps them hostage in their host countries. Often, they toil six-day weeks, send home much of their meager earnings and — now, in the digital age — say goodnight to the children onSkype or by instant messenger."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Updates March 14

Taiwan lifts suspension of OFW contract renewal
Manila Bulletin
Worse, Taiwan decided to send back the 90000 documented OFWs in Taiwan upon expiration of their contracts by refusing to renew their contracts. ...
Taiwan relaxes rules for OFW visa applications
Viewing personnel changes at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) as a show of "regret," Taiwan on Wednesday made a reciprocal gesture by announcing that it has ...
PCCA exec helps OFWs in Taiwan
Journal Online
Dy, a Filipino-Chinese philanthropist, said he is neither pro-Taiwan nor pro-China, but a private citizen concerned about the plight of OFWs based in Taiwan ...
Philippines hopes for better ties with Taiwan
Philippine Star
Lacierda said the easing of requirements for OFWs going to Taiwan was a welcome development and that back-channel talks had been ongoing. ...
• OFW Recalls Danger in Libya, Denounces Neglect by Philippine ...
Lebria's first two attempts to apply for a job abroad – first to Australia, then to Taiwan — were both frustrated by illegal recruiters. ...
Taiwan understands, really
Manila Standard Today
And Taiwan can still play the OFW card, which would certainly affect the livelihoods of upwards of 100000 Filipinos (illegals included) working there. ...
Sand castles
BusinessWorld Online
These threatened Taiwan, the Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia, Australia, ... mostly signed for by OFW families, in the growing unrest in the Middle East, ...
David goes to Immigration; Taiwan impasse end seen
... offshoot of the controversial deportation last month of 14 Taiwanese to Beijing, ... In the absence of an apology, OFW hiring was subjected to stringent ...
Stop treating workers as exports
Zamboanga Today Online
Taiwan has just recently threatened to send home thousands of Filipinos ... the fact that the OFWremittances comprise more than 10% of the country's GNP. ...
BSP to review remittance targets amid Mideast unrest, Japan disaster
The central bank also projects OFW remittances to breach $20-billion this year. ... Hong Kong ($362.5 million), and Taiwan ($121.7 million). ...

Monday, March 7, 2011

News updates

Review of state employment program sought
"We wish to inform all Taiwan-bound OFWs that we have put in place measures that shall ensure the swift release of their voter ID cards to facilitate their ...
Fighting BatangueƱa
Philippine Star
She said that OWWA has sent a Welfare Officer in Yemen where an estimated 1000 OFWs are located. She said that the 5000 applicants for Taiwan jobs have not ...
Agency for OFWs eyed
Journal Online
The labor department also depends on DFA for inputs about OFWs... We have to save the jobs of our workers in Taiwan over a deportation snafu of their ...
Comelec moves on Taiwan documents
"If an OFW files his request between 8 am and 12 noon, his voter's ID will be released 4 pm," he said. Last month, TECO, the de facto embassy for Taiwan in ...
Bangko Sentral lays down guidelines for Libyan dinar exchange
Philippine Star
Under the CEF, each OFW returning from Libya would be allowed to exchange with the ... South Africa's rand, Sweden's kroner, Syria's pound, Taiwan's dollar, ...
P1 million for Caritas Manila
Manila Bulletin
(Christina I. Hermoso) Issuance of the voter's identification cards for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) bound for Taiwan will be fast-tracked by the ...
Bending rules, BSP to allow exchange of Libyan dinars
... Syrian pound, (New) Taiwan dollar, and Venezuelan bolivar. ... The BSP sees OFW remittances growing by 8 percent a new record breaching the $20 billion ...
Libyan dinars may be converted to pesos at all banks
Philippine Star
The BSP and the banks require the OFWs to present pertinent documents such as ... South Africa's rand, Sweden's kroner, Syria's pound, Taiwan's dollar, ...
Over here, over grim
Manila Bulletin
What should've taken “30 to 45 seconds” per OFW as promised took 90 to 120 minutes! ... In addition, 30000 working in Taiwan could be sent home. ...
Outlook : Middle East Unpreparedness Team / Rigoberto D. Tiglao
... even as his concise attention span was on our China and Taiwan troubles. ... Asked in a talk show if her department had informed OFWs in Libya to ...