Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Migrant culture -, Philippine News for Filipinos

Migrant culture -, Philippine News for Filipinos: "Starting in the 1960s, departures included nurses, midwives to specialists: from pediatrics, internal medicine to obstetrics and oncology, said Jaime Galvez Tan, Fernando Sanchez and Virginia Balanon at a University of the Philippines lecture. “A health disaster is impending if nothing drastic is done.” That will take some doing. Eight million Filipinos now live and work in over 190 countries. And about 3,000 leave every day. They’ve “midwifed” today’s “culture of migration… which permeates Filipino society,” Maruja Asis of Scalabrini Migration Center observed. “Migration has become a way of life,” Asis told the East Asian Labor Migration Conference. Eyebrows arch if someone preferred to work here. “The expectation is: you’d like to work overseas, like many Filipinos.”"

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