Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Taiwan Journal - amendment to the Employment Services Act

Taiwan Journal: "The widespread practice of specifying age restrictions in recruitment advertising became illegal following implementation May 25 of the amendment to the Employment Services Act passed by lawmakers May 4.

This added prohibitions on employers discriminating against job applicants on account of their age, sexual orientation or place of birth to Article 5 of the ESA, which already precluded workplace discriminations on the basis of race, class, language, thought, religion, political party, place of origin, gender, marital status, appearance, facial features, disability or previous membership of a labor union....

The amendment also revised a number of regulations dealing with foreign workers in Taiwan. One major change means that employers can now apply to hire a new foreign worker just six months after a previous worker leaves without notifying the employer. This would be especially helpful for employers of foreign caregivers, the CLA Web site stated. Around 400 foreign caregivers leave each month without informing their employers, the China Times report quoted the CLA as saying, citing the council's statistics that 9,500 foreign workers were reported missing last year."

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